Dan Conquers MS

I hadn't skied in the 12 years since my initial MS diagnosis. This opportunity offered the perfect "excuse" to give it another try in an extremely support environment! After signing up for this event, I had a relapse with weakness and numbness in my legs. As I received high dose steroids, I thought I wouldn't be able to attend. However, I had a dream... that vision and feeling of skiing again was so strong that I pushed through it to conquer and overcome any hesitation about what is possible!

While I had skied a lot when I was younger, I'd been anxious about what might happen after snapping my boots into the ski bindings. Would I have the strength and balance to turn or stop? I went in with low expectations, but was hopefully optimistic. From the moment of arrival, I felt welcomed and motivated by all of the friendly, helpful and positive staff. It is not an exaggeration to say this was a life changing event for me! I had always thought the door to enjoying this kind of activity had been permanently closed.

But after a day of skiing and confidence building that door has been reopened and blown off its hinges! I now have the courage and tools to finally ski with my 12-year-old daughter & show her that if you try... you can succeed! Not only did I exceed my own expectations, but everyone at MS Cure Fund and Maine Adaptive Sports exceeded in their performance! Thanks to everyone who made this opportunity possible - it was amazing! I look forward to returning next year!

Dan S. Diagnosed 2004