Lifestyle Management Programs

Lifestyle Management Programs are events where a MS healthcare professional comes to speak in detail about a particular topic related to MS. These programs are designed to empower MS patients with information on a variety of topics so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

Examples of topics discussed during Lifestyle Management Programs include:

  • Current Therapeutic Options & What’s on the Horizon
  • Depression & Managing Psychological Issues with MS
  • Depression, Fatigue & Mindfulness with MS
  • Diet & MS
  • Exercsise & Healthy Living with MS
  • Recognizing & Treating MS Relapses
  • Role of Digital Imaging in MS
  • Uncomfortable Conversations: Bowel, Bladder & Sexual Dysfunction with MS
  • Understanding MS Symptoms and How to Treat Them


Angela Applebee, M.D. presented in August, 2015 on “Understanding MS Symptoms and How to Treat Them” in Burlington, VT.


Eric Klawiter, M.D. presented in October, 2015 on the “Role of Digital Imaging in MS” in Dedham, MA.