Women Thriving Beyond MS

73% of MS patients are women.

Women Thriving with MS events are women-only events that discuss critical issues and important concepts relevant to women living with MS. They are focused on being a mother, a partner, and a friend. During these events, a female neurologist discusses topics such as childbearing, menopause, marriage and more, and time is allowed for discussion and questions.

Women Thriving with MS – How to be a partner, a mother, a woman – FIRST!  The acceptance of this education program at some of the finest MS centers in the country has been remarkable.  Every doctor we speak with loves this program and always asks us “what took you so long to get here?”  As a result, more women will have a healthier life and fewer will die from having ignored their normal female health.

MS Cure Fund knew through inquiry, research and patient input that educating females living with MS that they can have fulfilling lives with careers, families and loves.  What we did not fully appreciate, is the lack of awareness to female health issues that truly existed.  MS Cure Fund is blessed to be based in Boston.  There is an amazing number of exceptional providers in MS right in our backyard.  The most of the country is not that lucky.

The excellent originating authors, Dr. Maria Houtchens with editing from Dr. Regina Berkovich and Dr. Annette Wundes have made Women Thriving truly a program of medical education excellence.

The Women Thriving with MS patient education program has been accepted by world leading MS Centers and providers who previously would never have participated in pedestrian patient education. 

In addition to working with world class providers, MS Cure Fund has taken the initiative to communicate with the National MS Society and other MS advocacy organizations in their geographies local to our program destinations to invite them to attend, display and have a presence at our patient education events.  MS Cure Fund has no feelings of territoriality or competitiveness.  We hold true to only one standard, if it is good for an MS patient, then it is good for MS Cure Fund.

Presentation Authored by:


Maria Houtchens, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Neurologist, Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Member of Our Medical Advisory Board