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please_use_in_body_of_page_-_MASR_Staff_with_Susan.jpgMS Cure Fund hosted its Inaugural MS Adaptive Golf Day in 2016. Susan Strachan, MS Cure Fund’s Founder & President, never let her MS diagnosis hold her back from continuing to thrive and participate in sports she loved. She wanted to bring her love of Golf to other MS patients.

Our Golf Day is dedicated to getting people with MS and their care team out and active while meeting other people in their community with MS. Each participant receives instructional lessons and then enjoys a half day on the course completing up to 9 holes of golf with their care team and experienced volunteers.

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My MS has been a blessing in disguise. I would've never met the people I have met and I never would've gone golfing, try skiing and be able to listen to doctors and other patients talk about What MS people go through and get educated on MS. Very thankful for this experience! – Kathy, Maine

Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation and MS Cure Fund do an amazing job of providing opportunities for people with various challenge to try different physical challenges.