Adaptive Activities

This program is easily the best MS event I've ever attended. MS Cure is different. They are really there for the MS patient, not just raising money for research and/or selling drugs...

Maggie H. - Northborough, MA

It is an Amazing Program! You are surrounded by Incredible People, Inspiration fills every pore of your being, and Beauty Surrounds your every view!

Carla C. - Winslow, ME

It is not an exaggeration to say this was a life changing event for me. I had always thought the door to enjoying this kind of activity had been permanently closed. But after a day of skiing and confidence building, that door has been reopened and blown off its hinges!

Daniel S. - Mansfield, MA

Totally AWESOME & FANTASTIC. Wishing it could have been more then one day. Hoping to do this and more in the future; more than one event with MSCF/MASR collaboration.

Max M. - Waterville, ME

If I could bring a newly diagnosed MS patient to this event, I can't help but to feel that their outlook on being diagnosed with MS would be much less daunting. They will leave feeling full of hope and inspiration.

Carla C. - Winslow, ME