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Our MS Adaptive Ski Day was founded in 2014 after Susan was tired of being told what she could not do because of her disease. After giving up tennis due to her optic neuritis, she decided to pursue her other passion of skiing. MS Cure Fund developed the adaptive ski day to provide opportunity to other MS patients who felt trapped by their disease. Unlike many other physical programs, this program is specifically geared towards encouraging people living with MS who have adaptive needs to participate.

Our MS Adaptive Ski Days are days dedicated to creating opportunity and learning experiences to people living with MS and their support teams. Our full days of skiing showcase what people with MS are able to accomplish despite their disabilities.

“It feels marvelous to be speeding down the slopes feeling the cold in your face and smelling the snow.”

Maggie H.

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Dan Conquers MS

I hadn't skied in the 12 years since my initial MS diagnosis. This opportunity offered the perfect "excuse" to give it another try in an extremely support environment! After signing up for this event, I had a relapse with weakness and numbness in my legs. As I received high dose steroids, I thought I wouldn't be able to attend. However, I had a dream... that vision and feeling of skiing again was so strong that I pushed through it to conquer and overcome any hesitation about what is possible!

A Day Skiing

By: Maggie H., Northborough, MA

The third annual MS Cure Fund MS Adaptive Ski Day took place on Monday, January 11th, 2016. The event was held at Sunday River in Maine.

“MSers” and their friends had gathered at the resort on Sunday evening for dinner and a presentation on “Overcoming MS and Thriving in Life”. Dinner was great and the talk was excellent, with a lively exchange of ideas. Emphasis was on the benefits of physical and mental exercise, good eating and mindfulness. MS Cure Fund events are different like that; they generally focus on wellness in the individual with MS rather than listing drug therapies.