Welcome to MS Cure Fund

MS CURE FUND is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to:

  1. Increasing awareness and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis and its debilitating symptoms

  2. Providing help and information to newly diagnosed patients

  3. Conducting educational programs & seminars for patients, along with MS neurologist led forums for support & case discussion

  4. Raising much needed funds going directly to the scientists and clinicians researching a cure for MS

MS Cure Fund was founded in 2004 by an MS patient who experienced difficulty accessing support for newly diagnosed MS patients within her local community and committed herself to making a difference for others.

MS Quick Facts

Horseback riding was a treatment for MS in the early to mid-1800s and today equine therapy is still a recommended way to help manage symptoms in some cases

Botox may help with some people’s bowel and bladder issues associated with MS.

MS is the most common central nervous disease in young adults

MS is a progressive disease for which there is not a cure yet

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