Susan A. Strachan

President and Founder

Prior to founding MS Cure Fund, Susan was involved for more than 20 years in development work for many different charities ranging from The Wang Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, The Genesis Fund, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Susan was the owner of Sudiko Marketing Group, Inc., Boston, MA. a full service event management and marketing company covering New England and Palm Beach, Florida.   Today, her focus is about creating awareness and raising research funds for her disease of Multiple Sclerosis.

After suddenly losing her vision for 4 months on 11/13/99, she was then diagnosed with MS. Today, her primary symptoms are fatigue, depression, cognitive memory loss, and optic neuritis of her left eye –loss of vision is 80%.

Since being diagnosed, she participates in the Harvard Multiple Sclerosis Natural History Study conducted by Dr. Howard Weiner at The Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA.

Jack B. Cowie III

Chief Operating Officer, Director Patient Advocacy

As Director of Patient Advocacy, Jack is also known as our ͞chief listener͟. Jack listens, listens to patients, listens to providers, listens to insurers, listens to whomever has involvement or impact with people living with MS. He has refocused MS Cure Fund to be truly ͞patient centric͟.

In 2015 MS Cure Fund introduced the first ever standardized MS patient education programs of excellence. Working with world leading MS providers, MS Cure Fund was able to bring ͞The Risks & Benefits – How When and Why to talk to your doctor about switching disease modifying therapies͞; and, ͞Women Thriving – How to be a Woman, a Partner, a Mother FIRST, a patient second”to a national audience. These are timeless topics affecting most people afflicted with MS. He brought these programs to audiences from Los Angeles to Seattle to Chicago, New York, Houston and more. 2016 will see the introduction of a third national program ͞Maximizing Access to Care͟.

Jack is an accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years experience in marketing, management, business development, and strategic corporate partnerships. Jack has lead marketing efforts as diverse as a multi-national event for the United Nations; the Lillehammer and Atlanta Olympic Games; Wimbledon; the World Match Racing Series and the America’s Cup. Past clients include IBM; UPS; BMW; Motorola; Nautica; Helly Hansen and Omega. In addition, Jack has a successful track record as an entrepreneur in mobile marketing. Jack’s career includes significant exposure with both for profit and nonprofit organizations, giving him an acute understanding of the potential for synergistic partnerships.

Alyssa Neshe

Event Marketing and Communications Manager

Alyssa graduated Bentley University in May 2015 with a dual degree of Bachelor’s in Management and a Liberal Studies in Health and Industry, and a minor in Nonprofit Organization. She began working at MS Cure Fund as an Event Marketing and Communications intern in January 2014. She then moved into the role of Event Management Coordinator. In this role she managed ͞Team MS Cure͟ in the Falmouth Road Race which raised funds for MS research. She began as a full-time employee after graduation in July 2015 as the Event Marketing & Communications Manager. Her responsibilities include applying for grant funding and managing a team to plan and execute patient education programs, health fairs, adaptive programs and fundraisers.

Kelly A. Watson

Website Calendar & eNewsletter Administrator

Kelly is from Holbrook, MA, an MS patient diagnosed in 2005 and has worked for MS Cure Fund since 2008 providing administrative support on the website and event calendar. Her responsibilities include managing, coordinating and marketing New England MS Programs and Events to the local community. She is extremely organized, accurate and knowledgeable in this content heavy duty.

Kara Friesen

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Kara is the only staff member from Canada – living in in the city of Steinbach, Manitoba, basically right in the center of the Country. She’s a stay-at-home mom and keeps herself busy running around after her two boys, ages 4 and 7.

Kara was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, shortly after her oldest son’s first birthday, after suffering sudden numbness in her legs. She decided the best way to deal with the diagnosis was to become more aware, do lots of research, and become a patient advocate for a disease that so many know nothing about.

Kara has great attention to detail, and an eye for attention-catching design, so as one of the Social Media Coordinators, her responsibilities include generating interest and content for all social media platforms, utilizing an informative newsletter and events calendar, as well as blogging and website content.

Ashley Ringstaff

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

Ashley is a staff member from the Austin, TX area. She’s a wife, as well as a mother of two boys that keep her VERY busy. She is also an MS Advocate & Blogger.

Ashley was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August 2010, at the age of 22. The diagnosis came after almost a year of trying to find out why her face was going numb and having vision changes/issues. Ashley had no idea what MS was and wanted to learn everything she could about Multiple Sclerosis and become very active in the Community.

Being in her late 20’s and knowledgeable of Social Media, Ashley is now one of our Social Media Coordinators, working on website content as well. She loves coming up with new ideas and interacting with others that live with MS from all over the globe.

Anna Barondes

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Anna is from Northampton, MA and will graduate from Bentley University in 2018. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Anna began as a Marketing & Events Coordinator at MS Cure Fund in March 2017 and has been helping with event planning, database management, and other organizational operations.

Rebecca Goldberg

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Rebecca is from Williston, VT and will graduate from Bentley University in 2017. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Design and Corporate Communication and a minor in Marketing. Rebecca began as a Marketing & Communications intern at MS Cure Fund in May 2015 and has been helping with event planning, database management, and other organizational operations.

Alex Herbert

Accounting Intern

Alexandra is from White Plains, NY and will graduate from Bentley University in 2017. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Accounting and will go on to get her Master’s in Accounting after she graduates. Alexandra started working at MS Cure Fund in September 2016 as an accounting intern utilizing QuickBooks to perform necessary daily operations. She also assists with database management and data analysis.

Katherine Hidchenko

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Katherine is from Burlingame, CA and currently lives in Jupiter, FL. She will be graduating from Bentley University in 2018 and is majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communications with a liberal studies major in Diversity and Society. Katherine has been an intern with MS Cure Fund since April 2016 and has been helping with database management, contacting groups to expand the communal network, and assisting with other day-to-day operations.

Hannah Mower

Marketing & Project Coordinator

Hannah is from Genoa, NV and will graduate from Bentley University in 2017. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Marketing with minors in Information Design & Corporate Communication and Sociology. Hannah began as a marketing and communications intern at MS Cure Fund in April 2016. Since then she has been helping with implementing marketing strategies, planning events, launching our new website, maintaining our database, creating graphics, and conducting other organizational operations.

Shannon Perkins

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Shannon is a senior at Quinnipiac University from Lancaster, Massachusetts. She is a marketing major with a minor in psychology and will graduate in May 2017. Shannon began as a social media marketing intern at MS Cure Fund in May 2016 and assists with database management and coordinating marketing communications.

Libby Kirwin

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Libby is from Albany, NY and will graduate from Bentley University in 2018. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Information Design and Corporate Communications and a minor in Computer Information Systems. Libby started working at MS Cure Fund in September 2017 as an Events and Marketing Coordinator working with social media outreach, assisting with marketing campaigns, web operations, and other organizational operations.