“2014 Cooperative Meeting of CMSC and ACTRIMS”

Dallas, TX 5.28.14-5.31.14

2014-05-27 06.42.29

MS Cure Fund exhibited at the 2014 Cooperative Meeting of CMSC and ACTRIMS for the first time this year! With five staff members in attendance, MSCF covered a lot of ground. We were able to connect with a number of familiar faces including Dr. Revere Kinkel, now of the University of California at San Diego. MSCF was introduced to several MS-related organizations from across the country (even the world!). With over 2,000 attendees, we were overcome with excitement, to say the least!

Before the conference could start, MSCF brought a Patient Education Program to Pappasito’s Cantina! Having received a warm Dallas welcome, MSCF was eager to introduce Dr. Darin Okuda of UT Southwestern Medical Center as its speaker at our first-ever Texas PEP. Dr. Okuda is world renown for defining and investigating the term “radiologically isolated syndrome,” one that suggests MS based on brain anomalies on an MRI rather than traditional symptoms.

Attendees enjoyed some traditional Tex-Mex fare while firing off a number of questions to Dr. Okuda, including a few regarding Neuromyelitis Optica and its similarities to MS. Everybody left with a lot to think about! MSCF hopes that there will be a return trip to Dallas in the future!