Ask Maggie: Getting Around

As someone with secondary progressive MS, how do you manage to get around without a car? Do you ever feel like you are asking too much of your family and friends? I am in a wheelchair and can’t drive.

This question is very close to my heart.

You’re right, because of visual difficulties I can no longer drive so I must depend on family and friends to drive me around. Obviously, this is a big problem if you live, as I do, in a relatively rural town with no taxi service. For you, my friend, this problem is confounded by you needing wheelchair transport. I would advise you to look within the disability community for someone with access to wheelchair transport.

Just ask, you may be surprised, and you only need one other person. Usually I go riding with one of my MS friends, people I’ve met at a very lively MS support group at UMass Medical. Everyone is very kind about bringing me along but I still don’t like always having to ask for a ride…


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