“New Developments in MRI in MS”

2014-04-16 05.26.18

MS Cure Fund held a program at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newton, MA. Guests filled the function room to enjoy a presentation by Dr. Eric KlawiterDr. Klawiterpractices at Massachusetts General Hospital. His presentation topic “New Developments in MRI in MS” produced a lot of thought-provoking questions regarding MRI and their relevance to diagnosis in MS.

Dr. Klawiter conducts research on MS in his lab at Mass General. This meant that he had a presentation littered with graphics including imaging of the brain, illustrating the affects of MS. The MRI that he featured showed the progression of the disease in a very accessible way. Although MRI are one of the more popular ways MS is diagnosed, Dr. Klawiter was sure to mention that this was not an end-all. MRI are very useful for tracking the diagnosis and progression of MS, but symptoms can often be a better indication of these.