“New & Emerging MS Therapies”

2014-01-28 08.26.24

On Tuesday night, MS patients, families and friends, attended a MS Cure Fund event and educational seminar on emerging MS therapies at Aegean Restaurant in Framingham, MA. Dr. Maria Pilar Elisa T. Dayaw spoke on upcoming therapies for those living with MS as guests enjoyed a meal and dessert. Dr. Dayaw attended the University of the Phillippines College of Medicine in Manila and specializes in Neurology, with special intrests in multiple sclerosis and neurologic symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Guests had the exciting opportunity to ask questions to learn much more about the therapies on the horizon, which generated discussion and revealed great new insights. After Dr. Dayaw’s presentation, guests were able to mingle with her and eachother to discuss their thoughts. Everyone was interested in the presentation and enjoyed the event!