“New MS Oral Therapies” Dr. Bomprezzi


The MS Cure Fund headed north to visit T&B’s Outback Tavern in Waterville, ME. Attendees enjoyed a great dinner while they heard Roberto Bomprezzi, MD, PhD speak about the newest oral therapies in MS. Dr. Bomprezzi practices out of Maine General Neurology in Waterville, ME. A native of Rome, Italy, Dr. Bomprezzi has education and experiences that span across countries. Those experiences allowed him to not only provide examples of treatments for MS, but he also paired each with a personal anecdote. This brought a more personal touch to the presentation which allowed for a very lively discussion following the presentation.

Dr. Bomprezzi discussed two popular oral therapies during his presentation. He spoke at length about the effectiveness of Aubagio and TecfideraDr. Bomprezzi started by giving an overview of each medication and how it is supposed to modify the disease. His explanations of each medication were greatly enhanced through his anecdotes of patients who had taken these oral therapies. Attendees asked  Dr. Bomprezzi how long patients should try a new medication and which medications to try. He responded with accounts of actual patients and their reactions while noting that two people of the same age, sex and type of MS could have completely different reactions.

Attendees enjoyed Dr. Bomprezzi’s wide variety of experiences and the examples he gave for every scenario he discussed. He will surely become a fixture at future events for MS Cure Fund – Maine edition!