“Pain Management in MS” Dr. Cabot


After a great talk with Dr. Garg on Tuesday night, MS Cure Fund took to the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH to hear Ann Cabot, D.O. talk about a variety of methods for pain management in MS. Dr. Cabot is the Director of the Multidisciplinary MS Clinic at Concord Hospital. Since this was a local event for Dr. Cabot, we saw a number of her patients attend. The pain management methods discussed ranged from medicines to yoga.

Before pain can managed it first must be classified. Dr. Cabot discussed the importance of noting the type, location and frequency of the pain a patient experiences with MS. With these details, she and other specialists will be better equipped to alleviate the pain patients feel as a result of their MS. Dr. Cabot jested that she does not ask everyone to keep a journal of their pain to the minute, but asks that you use descriptions like “prickling” and “tight” at times similar to “when I wake up” or “late at night.” Any information like this can be used to better treat your symptoms of pain.

Towards the closing of the discussion, participants shared the types of activities they use to combat MS-related pain. One woman suggested a yoga studio she frequents in downtown Concord, NH. Other suggestions ranged from acupuncture to physical therapy. Dr. Cabot made a very important note that not all pain that patients experience is MS-related. Patients must be aware that abdominal pain could be your appendix and chest pain could be a cardiac issue – not MS. In these cases, make sure you get the correct medical attention.