“Safety of MS Therapies” Dr. Parfenov

2013-11-06 07.43.00

The MS Cure Fund took to the Alden Park Bar & Grill in Plymouth, MA. Guests of the program enjoyed the restaurant’s dinner and dessert while they listed to Valeriy Parfenov, MD speak about the safety of MS therapies. Dr. Parfenov practices at Neurology Consultants at Harbor Medical Associates in Weymouth, MA. This practice is a part of the South Shore Hospital network. He completed his fellowship at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois Hospital in Switzerland. His experience in Europe gives Dr. Parfenov a unique perspective regarding the types of therapies available and their efficacy. Attendees took advantage of this in discussion following the presentation.

One particular point of interest for participants was Dr. Parfenov’s insight about Genzyme’s newest medical therapy, Lemtrada. Originally intended for the treatment of leukemia,alemtuzumab was sold on the market as Campath prior to Genzyme’s purchase of the rights in 2012. In August of that year, Genzyme surrendered the licenses for the medicine as a therapy for leukemia in order to re-introduce it later as a treatment for MS. Dr. Parfenov spoke that the infusion treatment had been approved for the treatment of MS in Europe in September 2013.