“Understanding MS Symptoms”

2014-04-01 05.38.30

MS Cure Fund visited North Haven, CT for a program at Bellini’s Restaurant. Guests enjoyed a hearty Italian style meal while listening to a presentation by Dr. Mary BaileyDr. Bailey practices at the Yale MS Center. She is also an Associate Professor of Neurology at Yale University School of Medicine. Her presentation topic “Understanding MS Symptoms” provoked an animated conversation between the doctor and patients and patients themselves alike.

Dr. Bailey focused on the causes and management of several common symptoms of MS including spasticity, depression and bladder function. There were several questions and comments on identifying the differences between depression intrinsic to MS and depression as a result of MS. Many guests shared personal anecdotes making for an exceptionally interesting program. Dr. Bailey provided both range and variety in her presentation. MS Cure Fund cannot wait to work with her again!