While the idea of “MS Awareness” sounds like a good and laudable goal, we at MS Cure Fund wish it were more about MS understanding!

How many of you, once you have shared having multiple sclerosis with a family member, friend or colleague, have had the response of “oh but you look fine”, or “you’re not sick, you look perfectly normal.”  These are very hurtful responses that seem complimentary to the person saying them.  He or she thinks they are speaking well of you, not knowing the biting pain the comes as a visceral reaction to such statements.

Understanding MS is difficult, and nobody will know what we really are facing without being an MS patient themselves.  But understanding what the disease is and how it can affect people is the right first step.  And people living with MS find those who take the time to investigate the disease and learn of its symptoms and implications are treasured by those of us who long to be understood.

As for awareness, this month MS Cure Fund will be sending out regular emails that deal with specific aspects of the disease, what it is, what it isn’t, its symptoms, and more.  They will be drafted in a way that you may forward them on to people you would like to know more about MS.  We will try and do the explaining for you.  Sometimes we find that information from an authoritative third party is taken to heart more readily.  That is how we will help you raise awareness and understanding of MS among your family and friends and anyone you wish to share it with.

Increasing awareness within the MS patient community as to the power and control you can have over your own disease course and quality of life is even more important.  Nearly every day more and more research is published showing the positive effects of diet, exercise, rest and stress management.  You have the ability to achieve far more control over your MS than any (so far) drug therapy can provide.

To support your ability to have positive impact and improve your disease course, we will alternate our explanation emails on MS with helpful tips and suggestions for feeling better, living better and Thriving Beyond MS©.  In return, we want to hear from you!  If you have experienced positive results from diet, exercise, or any kind of therapy, we want to hear your story.  Send us an email at [email protected] so we can share your success with everyone!

This MS Awareness month let’s start making or conversation about being well, about our successes.  Let’s change the conversation from one of being sick to one of flourishing, growing, learning, Thriving Beyond MS©!


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