Preparing for an Appointment

I don’t know about everyone else, but when it comes time for a doctor’s appointment, it can sometimes be chaotic. There are so many things that you are asked, and with an MS memory, I don’t remember much.

I wanted to share these little tips and tricks on how I prepare for a Doctor’s appointment. One of the first things I’m asked to fill out, is my medication list. This is common for almost any form of doctor you go and see.


Another question that is brought up when I go to my neurologist’s office is if I have had any new and/or worsening symptoms. Why is this important? Well for one, they want to make sure that you aren’t showing signs of any form of flare-ups. If I’m remembering correctly, if you experience worsening/new symptoms for over a 48hr period, this could be the cause of a new flare.

Another reason to keep track of symptoms is so that you can manage your symptoms, if possible, and improve your quality of life. This doesn’t always have to mean more medicine either. There are alternative therapies that can help as well. For instance, for muscle spasms/tightness, you could try a massage, etc. For gait/balance issues, you could try some Physical Therapy and other forms of treatment.

Now, one of the things that I tell people to keep on hand, is a journal. This can be notes on your phone, on your computer, in an actual notebook… whatever is easiest for you.

But something to keep track of things that you want to remember to discuss with your doctor. I’ve told myself time and time again that I didn’t need to write it down, because I would remember. Well, I end up forgetting what I was supposed to ‘remember’ when I see my doctor. And if I do remember what I wanted to say/ask, it’s usually after my appointment, when the light bulb goes on and is like “Hey! Remember this?” It’s almost like it’s on a time-delay, or something?

Also, a tip… if you have an iPhone, in the new ‘health’ portion, there is a way for you to fill out your ‘Medical ID’ on there. This is where I keep my list of meds, etc.

All of these things that I’ve brought up in regards to being ‘prepared’ for a doctors appointment, is a lot to remember, I know. However, I’ve made a few documents that you can download and print, to assist you with this. You can click on the graphic below to view/download the forms.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and I hope it will help you in the future, when you are preparing for your Doctor’s appointments.

Ashley Ringstaff


Download Patient Forms Here