Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again… while the weather is (in most areas) very nice out; everyone tends to begin their “spring cleaning”. Spring-cleaning is already a very hectic task, adding Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses make it even more difficult.

I’ve come to realize that living in a warmer state, Texas, that I should really do Winter Cleaning, instead of Spring Cleaning, but I always tend to forget about it… joys of the memory loss. So I thought I would share some tips & tricks I’ve gathered over the years.


• Clean certain sections at a time. Don’t try and do more than one designated area in one day, because you will pay for it later on most likely. I usually try to do things from Top to Bottom and move from Left to Right when changing areas.
• Have organizing tubs, vacuum Ziplocs, and large trash bags already available, so that you don’t have to stop mid clean, to run and grab something you might need.
• Take breaks. The mess/clutter will be there once you’re done taking a break… unfortunately.
• See if there are non-profits that will pick-up bags of things you want to donate, so you don’t have to haul things to donate, trash, etc.
• Start the cleaning process a few days before trash day, so you aren’t rushing to get a bunch of stuff in the trash last minute.
• Have a relax day planned for when you have completed the cleaning. So that you have something to look forward to.
o I saw this little tip on Pinterest… but when it comes to your clothes in your closet, this is a good one. Have all of your hangers facing the opposite way with your clothes on them. That way when you wear things and hang them back up, you can see what you haven’t worn the next time you need to clean out your closet, etc. All the clothes that are still hanging the ‘wrong direction’ are clothes you don’t actually wear.
• Here are a few links that I have saved that I tend to go to when I’m cleaning the house.
29 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips
37 Deep Cleaning Tips
• So, this is just a general cleaning hack. If you are moping and have a hard time filling up your bucket with water. Set the bucket on the ground, and then take your dustpan from you broom, and use it to get the water from your sink, to your bucker on the ground.

• A normal squeegee can help remove hair from carpet.
• Secure a towel to your broom. You can now dust the hard to reach places.
• By putting a “Magic Eraser” in your toilet bowl overnight; it will clean your toilet.
• Dryer Sheets contain an Anti-Static chemical that will repel dust. Use this on baseboards, blinds, etc.
• A playlist with some upbeat music!

So my point is, if you Google something or look something up on Pinterest with the words “Cleaning Hacks”… you will come across some amazing things that you wouldn’t normally think of.