Patient Education Programs

Through patient education programs, MS Cure Fund is able to offer a lot of benefits to people with MS.

Benefits for Attendees

  • Unbiased education designed to improve the lives of people living with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
  • Program content created and reviewed by top MS healthcare professionals
  • Meet other people living with MS in the community
  • Introduction to pharmaceutical representatives of MS disease-modifying therapies
  • The opportunity to ask relevant and, if desired, anonymous questions, patients may not ask their own doctor

Our Programs

Lifestyle Management Programs

Lifestyle Management Programs are events where a MS healthcare professional comes to speak in detail about a particular topic related to MS. These programs are designed to empower MS patients with information on a variety of topics so that they ca...

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Maximizing Access to Care

Access to care is an often quoted topic, but making the term relevant to people living with MS, and educating them to understand how to employ specific strategies and tactics is tremendously underserved.  Add to that the recent surge in insurance ...

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Relapse Management & Rehabilitation

Effective relapse management and rehabilitation are critical factors affecting the quality of life and ultimate disease outcome for people living with multiple sclerosis.  Authored by Dr. Regina Berkovich, M.D., Ph.D., an MS specialist neurologist...

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Risks & Benefits of Switching MS Therapies

This program offers a dual presentation between two medical professionals where one presents the risks and benefits of changing therapies from a physician’s standpoint, while another medical professional presents the risks and benefits from a pati...

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Women Thriving Beyond MS

73% of MS patients are women. Women Thriving with MS events are women-only events that discuss critical issues and important concepts relevant to women living with MS. They are focused on being a mother, a partner, and a friend. During these event...

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Nutrition, Exercise & Meditation for MS Wellness

The goal of this program is to Reduce MS activity and Improve Quality of Life.  Food is Medicine! This mantra is becoming more and more relevant . . .

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Thank you for all you do! Events like this help people like me with our quality of life. It helps us socialize, make and see friends and learn to do new things. I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to get to know all of you at the MS Cure Fund and can't wait to see you at the next event.

Laura G. - Manchester, NH

As a person recently diagnosed with MS, I sincerely appreciate the MS cure fund, and people like Jack and Dr. Crabtree. It gives me comfort to know that people with MS have such a wonderful support system.

Michelle P. - Petaluma, CA

The MS Cure fund is doing a great job with their events. The newsletters are awesome. The staff that has been assembled is fantastic, personable and extremely helpful.

Brian F. - Assonet, MA

The MS CURE FUND presentations are unbiased, to the point, relevant, passionate, and the presenters CARE.

Maria K. - Warwick, RI

I enjoy and learn more from events such as these where it is not focused on a single treatment, and where people attending and representing are part of a free exchange of ideas. Thank you.

Linda B. - Portland, ME

The event had a great environment and a great chance to meet and network with other people living with MS.

Luis T. - Woodmere, NY

I look forward to the opportunity to attend programs that help me live with the inconsistencies of having MS. Offering a wide range of programs and speakers is a gift to the MS community, and is greatly appreciated.

Mary P. - Swanville, ME

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Being able to met other people who have MS and hear how others adjust, adapt and cope with this chronic disease is very helpful. I really appreciate that these events are available for those of us with MS, our family members and friends.

Mary S. - Middletown, RI